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《Genesys的射频与微波设计软件》Agilent Genesys 2012.01


中文名称: Genesys的射频与微波设计软件
外文名称: Agilent Genesys 2012.01
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《Genesys的射频与微波设计软件》Agilent Genesys 2012.01

Genesys 2012.01 是依据参与先期试用计画的广大使用者的意见开发而成。这款稳健且功能齐备的射频/微波电路板设计工具,不仅提供新的实用功能,还保留了忠实客户所喜爱的易用性与经济价格。

Genesys 现在包含下列各项特色:

增强的Momentum GXF 平面电磁场模拟器,具有四边形网格产生器和布局处理器,可有效率地将任意布局划分为最小的网格,以提供快速、精确、大容量的解决方案。
点击连结即可使用Agilent EMPro,以便进行全3D 电磁场模拟,且无需重新产生几何图形和重新指配埠与材质
增强的互动式3D 查看工具可为Momentum GXF 电磁场解决方案提供动态轮廓图
增强所有被动元件之S 参数的被动性,以强化电磁场、线性、谐波平衡和暂态电路模拟
统计模拟改进功能可将新的Monte Carlo 输出结果存入电子试算表,以进行额外的资料分析和处理
更简易的授权方式,新的授权安装精灵和整合式Testlink 授权简化了现有W13xxBP/BT Genesys 套件的授权程序
新的USB 加密转换器支援64 位元作业系统,加上加密转换器堆叠,可充分利用运算资源,以便经济有效地为多个使用者部署Genesys
新增30 部教学影片,协助您快速了解并开始使用Genesys 的所有特性,无需阅读厚重的说明书
Agilent Genesys 是成本最低的射频/微波电路板设计工具,提供业界最广泛的电路合成应用软体。

《Genesys的射频与微波设计软件》Agilent Genesys 2012.01

Agilent Genesys 2012.01

Agilent Genesys is an affordable, accurate, easy-to-use RF and microwave simulation tool created for the circuit board and subsystem designer. Providing the optimal balance of capabilities with ease-of-use, designers can quickly attain the skills necessary to operate the tool while realizing unbeatable engineering productivity in the shortest time possible.

Genesys 2012.01 was developed based on extensive user feedback from the longest early access program involving the largest number of users ever. The result is a robust, full-featured RF/Microwave board design tool with new useful features, but still retaining its ease-of-use and low price that loyal customers love.

Genesys now includes:

- New RF system architecture capabilities with new sweep plot to easily identify spurious across the full frequency band in swept analysis of multistage conversion systems
- Enhanced Momentum GXF planar electromagnetic simulator with quadrangle mesher and layout processor to efficiently mesh any arbitrary layout into the smallest problem for fast, accurate, high-capacity solution
- One click link to Agilent EMPro for immediate full 3D-electromagnetic simulation without the hassle of recreating geometries and reassigning ports and materials
- Enhanced, interactive 3D viewer with animated contour plots of Momentum GXF electromagnetic solutions
- Passivity enforcement of S-parameters in all passive components to enhance convergence in EM, linear, harmonic-balance and transient circuit simulations
- Statistical simulation improvement with new Monte Carlo output to spreadsheet for additional data analysis and manipulation
- Improved reliability and robustness with configurable auto-save of design workspaces to prevent lost work
- Easier Licensing with new license installation wizard and integrated Testlink licensing in all current W13xxBP/BT Genesys bundles
- New USB Security dongle support for 64 bit OS and dongle stacking to enable the optimal use of computing resources for efficient and economical deployment of Genesys to multi-users
- 30 new tutorial videos enables you to learn and start using all the features of Genesys without the need to read thick manuals
- Easier Help system with better search capabilities

Agilent Genesys is the lowest cost RF/Microwave Board design tool with the widest coverage of circuit synthesis applications in the industry.

About Agilent

Agilent Technologies, a spin-off of Hewlett-Packard Company, broke records on Nov. 18, 1999 as the largest initial public offering (IPO) in Silicon Valley history. The US $2.1 billion raised from that IPO was a sharp contrast to the $538 in working capital that founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard began with in 1938. From a small garage in Palo Alto, California, to employees around the world serving customers in 110 countries, Agilent has a long history of innovation and leadership in the communications, electronics, semiconductor, test and measurement, life sciences and chemical analysis industries.