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《建筑设计软件》Graphisoft ArchiCAD 16 Build 3014 x86/x64 + Add-Ons

《建筑设计软件》Graphisoft ArchiCAD 16 Build 3014 x86/x64 + Add-Ons

* 世界最高住宅大楼Eureka Tower [90层] (澳洲墨尔本)
建筑资讯模型化( BIM)
*杜拜5星级大饭店 (杜拜) 建筑资讯模型(Building Information Modeling一BIM)
*北京奥运广播电视塔 (中国北京)
* 娱乐中心Jimbocho Theater (日本东京)
* 世界最高住宅大楼Eureka Tower [90层] (澳洲墨尔本)
*北京奥运广播电视塔 (中国北京)
* 彪马(PUMA) 新总部 (德国)
*杜拜5星级大饭店 (杜拜)
* 娱乐中心Jimbocho Theater (日本东京)
*美国环保高级中学American Canyon High School (美国加洲)
*获奖环保独立别墅 (纽西兰)
*Econia Business Park (芬兰)
*美国环保高级中学American Canyon High School (美国加洲)


《建筑设计软件》Graphisoft ArchiCAD 16 Build 3014 x86/x64 + Add-Ons《建筑设计软件》Graphisoft ArchiCAD 16 Build 3014 x86/x64 + Add-Ons
Graphisoft ArchiCAD 16 Build 3014 x86/x64 + Add-Ons
Analyzing the functional ArchiCAD 16, you will no doubt notice the new tool MORFO (MORPH TOOL) for the bulk of the conceptual design and a unique system for creating and searching user objects (BIM-components), as well as sharing. A new built-in analysis of energy efficiency project in ArchiCAD make one of the best solutions on the market to create a CAD BIM-environmental projects.


Custom designs require a modern new tool that makes the simulation extremely flexible. In ArchiCAD 16 emerged organically integrated into the BIM-impact tool for free model – morphine (MORPH ™), ??allows you to create new elements of arbitrarily complex shapes through an intuitive graphical interface and most popular technologies solid modeling, such as technology push & pull (pull and push). Morpho-elements are formed either from scratch, created on any surface using volumetric 3D-polygon, or by conversion of any existing BIM-element ArchiCAD. New tool MORFO (MORPH) – the most convenient way to create custom BIM-components, structures and components, of which the building is going to (for example, the unique elements of the interior or decorative elements).

In the construction industry is constantly changing: every day there are new materials, designs, ideas and technology. From now on, any user can not only simulate its object in the volume, but also put BIM-generated components into a single cloud-base facilities. For the newly added object bbs.renrencg.cn is put a unique description to which other users via keywords can instantly find not only the object, but also dozens of similar ones. Then it remains only to find necessary for your BIM-project elements and load them into the project with the click of a mouse. Uniquely, all operations described are carried out within ArchiCAD – the program provides a complete set of tools for creating, searching, loading and unloading of objects directly from the dialogue objects! In addition, all Put the BIM-objects can be found on a dedicated web portal BIMcomponents.com, which provides for self-organization of the user community the necessary tools ArchiCAD: comments, ratings, facilities, updates, etc. Thus, the new technology load unload BIM-components and the new site – a unique centralized resource for the exchange of GDL-objects!

All modern buildings and projects must be environmentally friendly and energy efficient – this is our contribution to the future of the planet. We believe that the main decisions on energy efficiency and eco-building architects have to be taken in the initial stages of the project, not the engineers, when any change to a much more complicated. In its programs GRAPHISOFT company continues to develop “green” trend and implement the tools of environmental analysis in the BIM-design environment. The new built-in ArchiCAD 16 for the functional analysis of energy efficiency (eg, analysis of the geometry model of the building through the zone boundaries, the analysis of weather conditions, etc.) similar to the previously delivered a separate software product EcoDesigner ™, but now is based on a completely new technology that allows you to make analysis of the model in a dynamic mode, using BIM-geometry, hourly weather data and information about the location of the building.

Open BIM and performance
With the release of ArchiCAD 16 GRAPHISOFT company also updates a number of specialized solutions that increase efficiency and productivity of project organizations. Thus, users will receive an updated BIM-Server ™, the cloud service for the exchange of models (via the application BIMx) and view them on mobile devices and format support IFC 2×3 Coordination View Version 2.0 for the interaction with the decisions of the alliance OPEN BIM.