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《NI电路设计套件(专业版)》NI Circuit Design Suite Power Pro 12.0.1

《NI电路设计套件(专业版)》NI Circuit Design Suite Power Pro 12.0.1

NI Circuit Design Suite Power Pro 12.0.1 | 625.4 mb

电路图捕捉, SPICE仿真和PCB布局

●NI电路设计软件的经济型套件: Multisim, Multisim MCU模块和Ultiboard
●通过交互式仿真和高级SPICE分析, 了解电路行为
●协同模拟具有微控制器的混合模式电路, 进行完整的系统验证
●整合从电路图到布局的设计流程, 减少建模错误并缩短上市时间
●集成设计和虚拟测试, 从而通过模拟数据验证原型测量

NI电路设计套装软件通过NI Multisim Power Pro、NI Ultiboard Power Pro和NI Multisim MCU模块,将捕捉、仿真和布局集成于一个工具链中,从而改善了设计过程。
NI Multisim 轻松捕捉的电路图随即便可接受模拟。 借助交互式仿真,NI Multisim虚拟仪器能够迅速查明电路行为,高级SPICE分析则展现出意义关键的基本设计特征。
该 NI Multisim MCU模块 可通过NI Multisim环境下的微控制器协同仿真,完成整个系统的验证。
NI Ultiboard 优化而成的灵活工具,可实现速度自动化或精确控制,从而有效地设计PCB。 与NI Multisim的集成帮助您轻而易举地将电路图转换为PCB;逆向和正向注释则保证了设计迭代的管理。您可以将完成的设计导为工业标准格式,如:可以构建原型的Gerber。
将NI LabVIEW或NI SignalExpress软件中的原型测量与NI Multisim仿真集成,便可完成设计流程并验证电路。

New version NI Circuit Design Suite Power Pro 12.0.1, includes the familiar products: NI Multisim schematic capture and simulation environment and NI Ultiboard layout and routing.

- NI Multisim Power Pro
NI Multisim software combines intuitive capture with powerful simulation to help you quickly, easily, and efficiently design and validate a circuit.
With Multisim, you can quickly build a schematic with a comprehensive component library and emulate circuit behavior using the industry-standard SPICE simulator.
This software provides an easy-to-use interface to SPICE, ensuring accurate and immediate simulation results that uncover flaws earlier in the design process and reduce prototype errors and time to market.
You can purchase Multisim as a complete, integrated design and test platform to seamlessly transfer schematics to layout in NI Ultiboard software and incorporate real-world measurements with the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment.

- NI Ultiboard Power Pro
NI Ultiboard software provides an easy-to-use and intuitive platform to lay out and route a printed circuit board (PCB) design. With Ultiboard, you can complete the entire layout process, from part placement to copper routing, in a flexible design environment that optimizes speed and control. Automated processes, such as the integrated advanced autorouter, quickly define noncritical trace placement, while manual trace placement ensures the precise control to efficiently take a design to prototype.
Seamless integration with NI Multisim software optimizes the design experience, ensuring that you can easily transfer schematics to PCB design and effortlessly annotate changes between layout and capture. You can export a final design to industry-standard file formats, such as Gerber and DXF, to complete the integrated flow of design to prototype.

This new release brings with it a long list of quality improvements and new database parts. The following list is a summary of the what's included:

- Over 200 new and updated Analog Devices components
- Over 975 new and updated ON Semiconductor components
- Over 525 new Infineon MOSFETs, each with up to 3 levels of model complexity (Power Pro and Edu only)
- Over 50 new National Instruments connectors
- Over 50 new industry connectors, including RCA, HDMI, DVI, and JTAG headers
- Over 1,400 duplicate symbols have been removed
- Hierarchical and LabVIEW-Multisim Co-simulation Connector Improvements
- 150 Bug Fixes

Multisim (77)
365744 Changing the direction of a PLD connector from the co-simulation view will sometimes crash Multisim.
363133 Expand/collapse tree items in Rename/Renumber dialog may crash in some cases.
363087 ADG802BCBZ-REEL7 and ADG819BCB do not transfer to Ultiboard correctly.
361071 Undocking virtual serial terminal VTERM window causes crash in some cases.
360449 Power variable should not appear in the analysis variables list.
359999 Placing a PLD custom configuration file as a subcircuit will sometimes crash Multisim.
359154 Locking subcircuits does not prevent the design preview to show contents.
358846 PLD connectors don't connect when placed on wire/pin.
351410 When loading an MS12 file, the saved "Probe Properties" are not restored.
350888 Non_Ideal_Battery missing in Pro Versions of Multisim.
350611 Loading Multisim version 6 or version 7 files with multisection components crashes Multisim.
350584 Placing a Hierarchical Block Outside the Design Sheet Boundary Crashes Multisim.
349472 The symbol for 74LS48 incorrectly shows active low pins.
349258 Simulation throws errors found by the netlist generator after using the In Use List.
348533 Right-click does not cancel wiring unless the first junction has been placed/connected.
348103 Some long equation models may cause simulator failures.
347337 Thermal noise source doesn't accept values from the dialog.
347242 Symbol Pins Landing Off The Grid Create Uneven Wire Connections.
346778 Pulse current source not generating correct output in some cases.
345953 INA111AU and INA111BU have incorrect footprint assigned.
345470 ThreePhaseInverter sample circuit throws convergence error in interactive simulation.
345217 Loading PSpice exported CIR files in Multisim crashes Multisim in some cases.
344083 Opening NI ELVIS II Design crashes Multisim in some cases.
343779 Noise analysis is generating incorrect spice statement.
342877 New wire names are in random order when using drag drop a component to link a set of pins.
342841 Incorrect pin assignment in the NI-sbRIO-9605 and NI-sbRIO-9606 symbols.
342692 Remap 2000+ components that are linked to Footprints with the Ultiboard Pinout field populated.
341809 Update Components will not update certain information unless the Symbol checkbox is checked.
337864 Footprint pins should not auto-populate in Edit Component dialog.
337423 Multisim crashes on disconnect after creating a BOM using the Multisim COM API.
337393 False Positive Errors when Parsing in the Edit Model dialog
335504 Time delayed switch gives incorrect results.
335308 List box in component properties does not behave as expected.
335288 Autowire component on move list box in the Global preferences allows for invalid values to be entered.
334342 Selection snippets with post-it notes opened as design snippets through external COM crash Multisim.
332480 SN74123D gets convergence error when both sections are in use.
332429 Multisim simulation time drifts relative to LabVIEW simulation time when using the LabVIEW Co-Simulation plugin.
329918 Disable SPICE netlist viewing when the circuit restriction to hide component values is enabled.
329871 Interactive simulation settings ignored on first run following a transient simulation.
329492 Relay doesn't behave as expected in some cases.
328669 Grid does not appear in Multisim for some magnifications.
327944 Adding spaces before component names using Multisim's component search yields no results.
326744 Multi-select deleting empty rows in digital Grapher doesn't delete the selections.
326727 Buses are merged incorrectly on opening the design in some cases.
326217 The footprint mapping for the MCT6 pin 3 and 4 are reversed.
326102 L64211* components have bad mappings and land pattern.
325947 Deleting a wired up component causes net names to get mixed up in some cases.
325904 Horizontal Buses Cannot Move Sideways On First Click.
325881 Multisim leaks memory when opening a Multisim 7 file.
324690 PLD designs cannot be closed using File->Close on the top level page unless all other child pages are closed.
324614 Aligning parts with wires sometimes aligns them to the edge of the design.
322674 Some components sometimes may share symbols with Rated components causing multiple drawing layers when editing the symbol
321970 F1 doesn't go to the right topic for the text block.
321715 Automatic wiring produces scrambled paths when connections are too close.
319775 ERC doesn't flag errors with pins on a single component.
318565 Using Undo after searching the component browser will not restore the browser to the previously selected family and group.
317110 Pressing the Escape key In Component Wizard Quits Without Prompting.
315848 "Auto Resize" changes comments so that they are cut off.
314297 Short Fault does not allow more than 2 shorted connections.
313574 Digital Clock and Digital Ground do not work together in purely digital circuits.
309298 The 74123 does not work as expected.
307083 LM117HVH does not function as expected.
301516 The schematic symbol for the NDS8858H is incorrect.
296710 Multisim is slow when wiring to a component with high pin count.
288052 Control_1C relay no longer works in Multisim 11.0
284733 Multisim reports an error when placing the LCD_DISPLAY_08x1 component.
275327 Nets are not properly connected across multipages when back annotating in some cases.
275136 Copying and pasting subcircuit/hierarchical block should preserve page order.
274870 Dummy pin names showing up for connectors.
274855 Hiding the symbol names and adding new connectors in a sub-circuit changes the sub-circuit connector's name.
274775 Canceling the action to create a floating wire on schematic, will leave a floating junction behind.
274530 Multisim leaves junctions behind if user cancels place wire command.
274382 Reports incorrectly show component values with the component values circuit restrictions enabled.
273963 Adding components to database when importing from orcad does not immediately show.
273544 "Highlight Selection in Ultiboard" brings all Multisim and Ultiboard windows to the foreground.
272380 Multisim allows creating zero length busses in some cases.
222209 Unable to create POWER SOURCE symbols that can be simulated.
Ultiboard ( 73 )
361847 Keep-in Area Over Copper Area Crashes Ultiboard.
357562 Right-click Context Menu In Gerber Viewer does not work as expected.
354078 Ultiboard crashes by moving an object after deleting a group in some cases
352489 Polyline to Polygon conversion during DXF Import causes Ultiboard to hang.
348652 Narrow Trace and Follow Me router crashes Ultiboard in some cases.
348599 Rotating a Component during placement causes Ultiboard to Hang.
346797 Custom Pad Shape Used In New Part Not Selectable in Soldermask and Pastemask Layers Active.
346796 Resizing custom pad shape does not redraw correctly.
346754 Deleting a Part In Ultiboard Triggers a DRC Error And The Part Is Not Deleted From Netlist.
344199 Ultiboard DXF Export for Bottom Layers cannot be opened in AutoCAD 2012.
342978 Copy and paste a jumper or testpoint does not automatically increment the RefDes.
341672 Ultiboard becomes unstable after placing a custom netbridge pin.
341563 Place Pin dialog has length and width reversed.
341545 3D Pad Data is incorrect when rotated in increments of 45 degrees.
340688 Ultiboard crashes when placing certain objects and clicking elsewhere in some cases.
339662 Ultiboard does not display custom pads correctly in some cases.
337306 DXF import does not import line thickness correctly in some cases.
336065 Third-party DXF viewers unable to view Ultiboard DXF exports that contain certain types of text attributes.
336035 3D View incorrectly allows selecting active layer
334850 Placing a pin on a newly created PCB part will crash Ultiboard.
333422 Creating a new project does not close Recent view in some cases.
331606 SMT pin properties does not show custom pad preview correctly in some cases.
330536 IPC 356A netlist generates incorrect coordinates for custom pads.
329698 Silkscreen top and bottom graphics disappear when opened using Ultiboard v12.0 if the ' enable 3d for this object ' option was set.
329362 Through Hole Pin Properties layer selection and design toolbox active layer do not match.
328327 User being prompted to re-specify 3D font rendering if they change unrelated 3D settings.
328214 Automatic spoke generation in thermal relief has changed in version 12.0.
327921 Ultiboard does not mark a file as changed after loading a technology file.
327524 The option to ask for formation on DRC when adding teardrop to a design will ask for confirmation on every teardrop created.
327159 Pasting polygons into layers that don't exist produces voiding error messages.
326743 "Part Spacing Bottom" value in Part Group Settings has no effect on part spacing.
326339 Board Outline Problem Dialog Allows Input of Negative Numbers.
326282 Board outline fix doesn't indicate success or failure.
326082 The Shield net column in the Spreadsheet Nets tab does not behave as expected.
325850 Pads Not Displayed in Database If Copper Top Layer Is Turned Off.
325103 Ultiboard view does not jump to the plane when clicking on the net connected to the place in the spreadsheet.
324241 Trace-Length-Check in Ultiboard does not work in some cases.
323407 Advanced holes are not displayed in Ultiboard 3D view.
323405 Pin with "Advanced Holes" do not properly display the hole size.
321475 3D Preview leaks memory when it is docked.
321437 Part settings revert back after cancelling group editor dialog.
321212 The Test Point reference ID should be on by default.
321206 Moving a pie object show the full object instead of the outline.
320813 The autorouter results output in the spreadsheet does not use the system locale when displaying the date and time.
320663 Text Tool Is Disabled When Active Layer Is Solder Mask or Paste Mask.
320243 Fanout dialog allows the creation of invalid vias.
319790 Changing layers in the THT pad property dialog's pad tab, will change layers in the main design.
319057 Default width for many spreadsheet columns is too narrow.
313500 Copper areas tab does not auto-apply settings in spreadsheet view.
307943 Added DONOTANNOTATE attribute by default to netbridges, jumpers and test points.
289732 Ultiboard does not behave as expected when saving a modified part back into a user or corporate database.
286008 Trace length on the Spreadsheet view and High Speed DRC doesn't match.
279770 Jumpers Show As Unrouted Connections In Statistics Tab.
279098 Ultiboard allows creating invalid rectangles in some cases.
278180 Unable to unlock a net using the spreadsheet in some cases.
275646 In-Place Part edit allows you to irreversibly remove RefDes attribute.
275307 Find the selected net zooms to fit all pins/pads on net instead of net.
275284 Trace drawing mode is incorrectly activated after test point is dropped.
274919 Pin/pad of locked test point can be moved.
274641 Connectivity Check cannot ascertain RefDes of components in groups.
274520 Partially drawn copper area doesn't redraw properly if switching to a different tool.
274412 Errors are reported when saving a newly created netbridge whose pins are connected by an ellipse.
274059 Ultiboard incorrectly allows for attributes with duplicate tags in some cases.
273347 Select Width combo box does not contain any values after Ultiboard returns from Full Screen mode.
273346 Importing Ultiboard 5 net file cannot handle spaces in the name.
273234 Deleting a polygon vertex can create invalid shape in some cases.
271327 "Convert Closed Objects To Filled" Is Not Working in some cases.
271315 The 3D preview of a component changes incorrectly when the component is rotated on the design.
271298 Spheres attached to Ultiboard components do not get mirrored when component is placed on board bottom.
266662 Locked jumper gets pulled off the board when you start auto-routing.
266537 Clearances for small circular objects are not drawn correctly.
346755 Forward Annotation Fails to Detect That A Part Has Been Deleted in Ultiboard.
275657 In spreadsheet, clicking on column header while in-place edit is active effects the whole column.
327522 After transferring a design from Multisim to Ultiboard, multiple clearances are displayed in the Parts tab when they are disabled in the default Design Rules settings.
333752 Undoing position settings changes crashes Ultiboard.
344558 Multisim is tranferring a net assigned to a simulation only pin which will generate a DRC error in Ultiboard.

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《NI电路设计套件(专业版)》NI Circuit Design Suite Power Pro 12.0.1