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《机床编制程序2012》GibbsCAM 2012+

《机床编制程序2012》GibbsCAM 2012+

GibbsCAM 2012+ | 2.1 Gb
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GibbsCAM软件32位版本和64位版本通过Autodesk公司验证,成为Autodesk Inventor 2012版本认证合作伙伴


以色列Cimatron集团的子公司美国Gibbs公司是用于CNC机床高效编程的GibbsCAM软件开发者,近日宣布该公司最新发布的 GibbsCAM软件32位和64位版本已通过Autodesk公司验证,成为Autodesk Inventor2012版本3D机械设计软件认证合作伙伴,应用在Autodesk Inventor认证应用程序中。Autodesk Inventor软件数字样机解决方案帮助制造商在产品成形之前透彻研究完整的产品,对产品的真实性能进行数字化设计、可视化和仿真。借助数字样机解决方案,用户能够降低成本,提高生产效率。Autodesk公司的认证证明GibbsCAM软件是款走在技术前沿的高品质产品,与Autodesk的Inventor软件协同性也很好!

“我们非常高兴能与Autodesk公司继续合作,GibbsCAM软件可直接读取Autodesk Inventor软件设计的模型和装配图,通过Inventor-to-GibbsCAM插件可以把Autodesk Inventor软件设计的模型和装配图直接从Inventor传递到GibbsCAM。我们与Autodesk的战略合作关系已经十一年,而我们共同的客户也已经习惯了把Autodesk软件与GibbsCAM软件结合使用。”美国Gibbs公司创始人兼总裁Bill Gibbs说,“我们共同的客户可以继续利用GibbsCAM软件的众多可用性和每个新版本高效增强功能,包括为最新型最尖端的机床编程,同时不会对众所周知的GibbsCAM软件易学易用性产生任何影响。”


“我们非常高兴能与Gibbs公司继续合作,更新Inventor针对GibbsCAM软件的认证,”Autodesk公司数字设计产品管理主管Carl White说,“多年来,GibbsCAM软件一直支持Autodesk Inventor,能直接读取Inventor软件设计的模型,美国Gibbs公司一直致力于不断提高 GibbsCAM软件的互操作性和易学易用性,与我们企业的发展目标十分吻合,该产品和Autodesk Inventor软件的协同性一直很好。我们非常高兴能与Gibbs这样的公司成为长期合作伙伴,为广大制造业客户提供不断更新的、灵活且易学易用的应用程序。”

GibbsCAM软件的完全相关性功能十分强大,Autodesk Inventor的零件几何和工艺参数更新可通过此功能即刻实现几何、工艺和刀路的全部更新,非常便捷。使用GibbsCAM软件,NC编程人员能快速优化加工的零件几何,为机床编程,无论是只需2轴车削或2.5轴铣削的简单几何体,还是需要使用5轴铣削、车铣复合多任务加工(MTM)或瑞士型车床加工中心加工的复杂几何体。GibbsCAM软件还能检验刀路,进行干涉与碰撞检测,并能进行其他测试,动态显示所选择型号机床生产加工时所有运动组件活动情况。GibbsCAM软件的这些,以及其它很多功能帮助制造者们降低了废料率,缩短了生产周期,把生产效率、安全性和利润最大化。

Gibbs and Associates, developer of GibbsCAM software for programming CNC machine tools and a Cimatron company, announced the release of the latest version of GibbsCAM CNC programming software.

Called GibbsCAM 2012+, this new version includes tremendous speed and performance improvements, including a rendering option specifically geared for multi-axis parts, improved cutting strategies and many productivity enhancements. The new version includes improvements for all levels of GibbsCAM, including the Mill and Lathe Production, SolidSurfacer, Radial Milling, MTM and 5-Axis options.

GibbsCAM 2012+ includes a Multi-Axis Rendering option free of charge with each seat of the software. Formerly a $2,000 option, Multi-Axis Rendering provides significant accuracy improvements for rotary milling applications, especially when displaying toolpaths with continuous changes in both tool position and orientation. Improved gouge and tool interference checking for tilting tools shows customers programming errors before they become costly mistakes on the shop floor.

"We are pleased to be able to offer our customers such a valuable option free of charge,” says Bill Gibbs, President and CEO of Gibbs and Associates and Cimatron North America. “A picture may be worth a thousand words, but being able to catch a tool collision before it gets to the shop floor can save customers thousands of dollars.”

To boost speed and productivity for all GibbsCAM users, the GibbsCAM 2012+ rendering engine takes full advantage of multi-core and multi-threaded computer hardware to drastically boost processing speed. Part rendering speed is now up to 33 times faster, depending on specific computer hardware and part complexity. Increased rendering speed saves programming time and reduces programming costs.

Improvements to Radial Milling include the ability to produce a smooth, unsegmented, helical toolpath, which takes advantage of native machine-based linear and circular interpolation capabilities. The benefits of this type of toolpath include vastly simplified post processor output, potential savings of hundreds of lines of G-code, and reduced machining time. Also included are new cutting strategies for parts with open-sided pockets, very thin walls, shallow cut areas and a highly efficient G-code program. In addition, material only clean-up areas provide customers with optimized toolpaths.

About Gibbs and Associates

Since our founding in 1982, we have been a leader in providing cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology while maintaining its signature ease-of-use and productivity increasing qualities. William F. Gibbs started the company in an effort to bring NC programming services to the greater Los Angeles area at a time when many households had not even seen a desktop computer. Just two years later, we introduced our Gibbs System (inspired by the Macintosh graphical interface) leading the way in the development of CAD/CAM software.