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《完整CAM解决方案2012sp3》SolidCAM 2012 SP3 for SolidWorks 2009-2013

《完整CAM解决方案2012sp3》SolidCAM 2012 SP3 for SolidWorks 2009-2013

SolidCAM 2012 SP3 for SolidWorks 2009-2013 | 3.5 Gb
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● 速切削支援任何CNC控制器。
● 曲面或实体不需转换就可直接做2D或3D加工设定。
● 开创性的加工范本,可保存宝贵的加工技术与流程,只要修改加工图形即可快速产生所需的加工程式。
● 自动侦知残料,自动清角,3D棱线自动沿面加工,支援二次加工。
● 加工设定后,可快速计算产生NC程式,刀具可自动重新编号。
● 提供2D/3D刀具路径模拟,CAD图形模拟,素材模拟,实体模拟,残料显示,车床内/外径切削等多样的模拟,可显示数值并计算加工时间。
● 智慧型巡弋加工法:加工过程可全程无提刀,减少提刀再下刀的表面不良度。
● 支援G2/G3圆弧切削:一般机床也可快出平滑的曲面。
● 可纵向及横向来回做切槽,内/外径,轮廓,深槽,切断,端面切槽,车牙切削,过程一气呵成,无停滞期。
● 弹性的NURBS曲面,可与实体作几何运算,无相连的曲面可自动修补成单一曲面。
● 随时记录图形,即使突然断电也能保存最终设计图形 。

● 支援所有钻孔循环
● 可依选取顺序/方向/距离自动排列最佳钻空顺序

● 可在指定的Z深度内执行等高切削
● 支援G2/G3圆滑化切削,可依指定的容许误差将刀具路径圆滑化
● 智慧型辅间作业:可自动侦知进刀深度之间未被切削的平面或边线,并自动以轮廓方式来切削此范围
● 等高切削    ● 曲面切削    ● 底面切削
● 直线切削    ● 辅正切削    ● 彷削切削
● 棱线切削   ● 螺旋切削
● 多样化的模拟,可分别显示2D/3D刀具路径,加工后残料,CAD图形模拟,素材模拟,实体切削模拟
● 可控制模拟速度及单节,连续,快速模拟,可欲设停止点及显示加工数值并计算时间
● 模拟时可自由旋转,缩放,设定模拟视图


SolidCAM presents revolutionary iMachining in action and the World Premiere of SolidCAM 2012 at SolidWorks World 2012.

Wherever and whenever the revolutionary iMachining for SolidCAM is shown, the result is always the same – astonishment! "Seeing is believing", as the newly initiated say they would not have believed the claims of up to 70% savings in machining time and dramatic tool life increase, if they had not just seen iMachining in action for themselves.

The same holds true for SolidCAM's 2012 release. With its new time saving "Parallel Computing", incredible new graphics and advanced cutting functionality, the obvious challenge for SolidCAM is to get people to understand and believe the advancements by showing, to as many people as possible, SolidCAM 2012 and iMachining in action. SolidCAM meets this challenge head-on with their participation in SolidWorks World 2012, in San Diego, CA, taking the show experience for attendees to an entirely new level.

For 11 years, SolidCAM has participated in SolidWorks World to give highlights of their product innovations and a chance to meet with SolidWorks resellers and users to fully understand exactly what it takes to be the best integrated CAM for SolidWorks.

This year, SolidCAM take its participation to an entirely new level with a laser focus on showing actual product programming and part cutting. Advances in HSM, automated sim. 5 axis SWARF cutting and expanded Turning Tool Catalog are also featured. Dr. Emil Somekh, Managing Director of SolidCAM commented, “the advancements that we have made in SolidCAM and iMachining are just incredible. If I did not get a chance to see them in action on a daily basis and hear the amazing feedback from our customers, I likely would not have believed how powerful they are. Our greatest challenge now is just getting the opportunity for people to actually experience SolidCAM and iMachining, so they too can be convinced this is for real".

About SolidCAM Ltd.

With over 27 years expertise in CAM development and applications, SolidCAM started out as a fully integrated CAD/CAM system. After many years of successful development, the founder, Dr. Emil Somekh, realized it was more efficient to focus on developing an integrated CAM system for SolidWorks and thus leverage all the power of the company to develop the CAM functionality and use the great import and CAD power of SolidWorks. This same architecture was used to later integrate with Inventor also.

《完整CAM解决方案2012sp3》SolidCAM 2012 SP3 for SolidWorks 2009-2013