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《电音制作软件Mac版》Ableton Suite v8.3.4 Mac OS X

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Ableton Live是ABLETON公司出品的专业音序器,功能强大而且操作简单,支持DX及VST插件,支持实时效果,特别对舞曲方面做了很多优化,尤其适合做舞曲的后期制作。Ableton Live由于将音频音序器和现场控制方式完美结合了起来,从而迅速成为了当年现场音乐家包括工作室音乐人最为追捧的几款软件之一。支持多轨录音功能以及“弹性音频”编辑功能。
所谓的“弹性音频”(Elastic Audio)编辑功能是指:速度可以在任意情况(录音、表演、回放等)下进行变化。此外,Avleton Live允许随时开始录音、循环播放以及结束播放,都是由同步码所控制,因此,Ableton Live就使在任何时间里对任何长度的Loop和录音素材进行同步变为了可能。同时,时间拉伸功能没有了长度限制并且可以作用于任何的音频素材。时间拉伸功能所采用的算法特别对打击乐和旋律性素材进行了优化,使之在不失真的情况下尽可能保持原音色。
Avleton Live允许在录音和回放过程中Tap(Tap,目前还没有很好的翻译,可以理解为小幅度地反复变化)速度。而所有的速度变化都可被连续的进行记录和再编辑。这一新增的功能使得所有的循环播放、同步、录音的变速处理都变得更快更容易和更充满乐趣。
Avleton Live的多轨录音与编辑功能同时提供了强大的实时效果处理、动态参数自动化控制以及无限Undo等特性。
Avleton Live 的其他新特性还有:
允许用户以自然的方式作曲,录音,remix(重混音),即席创作和编辑自己的音乐构思.Ableton Live 将声响,电子和虚拟乐器及数字录音置于单一的界面中,极其易用.它使用户可以把全部精力集中到真正该关注的东西:你自己的音乐上.
* MIDI:完整的音序,MIDI剪辑的结合和重组;直接MIDI录音,编辑和Pattern(音色片段)创建;MIDI库及单个MIDI文件的程序设定;图形化的MIDI调整数据;....
* 音频:预览和组合任意采样率,长度和位深的AIFF, WAV,SDII 音频文件;任意音频文件实时时间拉伸;音频文件内音调和段落的扭曲;...
* 播放:即兴发挥和创意重组时非线性的组织和触发音频和MIDI文件;音频和MIDI文件可映射到MIDI键盘和计算机键;自动jamming(jazz音乐即席演奏)-创建一组相互触发的文件,生成特定或随机的输出;...
* 录音:全面的音频和MIDI录音和音序生成;数目不限的24-bit/192 Khz多轨硬盘录音;完整的无损编辑,无限次undo;...
* 效果:大量创新性的Ableton音频和MIDI效果;新的Ableton乐器(Simpler-基于样本的合成,Impulse-动态打击乐器声音设计),VST和Audio Unit(苹果音频插件格式)插件乐器/效果及ReWire赋予的无限的扩展能力。

Ableton Suite v8.3.4 Mac OS X | 1.34 GB

Ableton Suite 8 is a software package that gives you a rich world of sound, perfectly complementing the music production tools and features in Live 8, including 10 virtual synthesizers and a huge collection of multi-sample instruments and drums. These include Sampler, Operator frequency modulation synth, Electric classic electronic piano emulator, Collision physical modeling instrument for authentic mallet sounds and creative percussion Tension physical modeling string synth, Analog vintage analog synth emulator, Drum Machines classic drum machine sounds, Session Drums acoustic drums, and Essential Instrument Collection 2 wide range of acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, bass, drums, orchestral instruments, and more, and Latin Percussion Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and African acoustic percussion instruments.

8.3.4 Release Notes

Improvements and feature changes
The word size of the Live application is now shown in the splash screen.
Live is now showing the email address of the currently authorized user account in the "About" window.
Improved the authorization dialogue when launching Live as a Trial version.

Fixed a bug which could cause a "memory corruption error" when launching Live.
Fixed a memory leak which could occur when using the "Complex" warp mode.
The Session View selection frame of the APC40 or Launchpad could get stuck after deleting scenes or undoing the creation of scenes.
Live device parameters would no longer update correctly after deleting a Max for Live device which was mapped to that parameter via live.remote~.
Fixed a problem with the Max for Live engine, which would cause Live to freeze when setting an audio buffer size smaller than 21 samples.
Fixed a graphical glitch in the Session- / Arrangement View amoeba after toggling views (mixer, crossfader, etc.).
Fixed a problem with the Windows installer which could lead to an incomplete installation on some computers. Symptom: The Live application would not launch at all and an error message "The application has failed to start due to a side-by-side configuration error" would be shown instead.
Under certain conditions, the playback position in audio clips was incorrect after changing clip start markers in unwarped clips and then re-enabling 'warp'.
Fixed a bug which prevented some VST plugins stored in the OS X system library folder to show up in Live's browser.