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《3D纹理绘制》(The Foundry MARI)v1.2v1 Win64

中文名: 3D纹理绘制
英文名: The Foundry MARI
资源格式: 压缩包
版本: v1.2v1 Win64
发行时间: 2011年
制作发行: The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd..地区: 英国
语言: 英文
《3D纹理绘制》(The Foundry MARI)v1.2v1 Win64
Mari是由The foundry开发的一款具有创新概念的纹理绘制工具。在这次更新上,最重要的是Mari终于能够在Window下运作,并且还增加了如:TGA格式支持、FBX Camera导入等功能!
其实早些时候,Mari 针对Linux系统的版本已经发布了,事实证明,Mari非常受用户的欢迎,包括Framestore、Animal Logic、Double Negative和Digital Domain。现在Mari再次升级,可在Windows 7平台上使用。同时,Mari已经做好了在更多工作室环境下运行的准备。
MARI是一款全新的具有创造性的3D纹理绘制产品,最初在Weta Digital开发,主要用来解决高细节的纹理问题,后被用于影片《阿凡达》、《第九区》等的开发制作中。MARI能够轻松处理高细节——数以万计的复杂纹理——快速且简单.
MARI深受欢迎,并收到了来自各式各样的纹理绘制社区的预定请求,这其中不乏Double Negative和Framestore这样的大客户。
Dobule Negative的CEO Matt Holben说,“最近几年,在Weta开发MARI之前,全世界的纹理绘制开发都略微显得有些刻板。当新的格式已经成为标准,我们正面临着不断增长的规模和细节的需求。MARI就是我们一直在等待的这么一款产品。我们已经把它利用在了我们的产品上,并且非常有信心购买这款软件——甚至是预定。”
Framestore的系统支持主管Christophe Meslin说,“我们的艺术家非常惊讶MARI创造的效果,并且把它用在了实时的项目当中。MARI参与了我们整个流程的开发,并释放出了艺术家最擅长做的事情——绘画。”
MARI之前的版本(MARI 1.0 v4、v3、v2、v1)只能在Linux系统上使用,而不支持Windows系统。在我们YouTube Channel上,你可以通过演示视频看到更多关于MARI的细节问题。
Windows 7 64位支持
可动画的FBX Camera导入
显示器1680 X 1050像素分辨率
至少1GB显存和支持OpenGL 3.0的NVIDIA显卡
《3D纹理绘制》(The Foundry MARI)v1.2v1 Win64
《3D纹理绘制》(The Foundry MARI)v1.2v1 Win64
《3D纹理绘制》(The Foundry MARI)v1.2v1 Win64
MARI is a creative texture-painting tool that can handle extreme projects. MARI was developed at Weta Digital to handle the massively complex, highly detailed look development work demanded of the texture department by projects such as District 9, The Lovely Bones, and Avatar.
MARI has a creative toolset which puts many stand-alone 2D paint systems to shame, allowing artists to concentrate on painting. The user interface is responsive and fluid. You can paint directly on to models and view the results immediately. Save time and take texturing way beyond what was previously possible.
MARI's unrivalled ability to deal with colossal textures in vast numbers allows their development in intense detail.
Save time and money by seeing the results of your work immediately. Cut down on revisions. Wave goodbye to the paint, render, review, rinse, repeat cycle of old. Load all the textures for a model into MARI simultaneously and remove the need to split up models.
A creative painting toolset second to none, focused on the artists' needs. With a paintbrush engine finessed under intense production pressure, MARI releases artists from arbitrary restraints and allows them to work naturally with the model.
In VFX work, context is everything. What the model will look like in motion, from multiple angles and against the background plate, is critical. MARI lets the artists see the model in context and paint on it right there.
Textures channels need to change over time. Whether it is a blushing maiden or scratched and dented armour, animating textures are a crucial part of what makes a model appear real. MARI lets you animate and paint your texture channels frame by frame.
Efficient Integration into a complex workflow turns a great product into a powerhouse. MARI has an open and extensible approach to UI, geometry, cameras and shading, and runs on Windows and Linux. It supports colour management, light and texture change, while import and export happen in the background.
User Interface
A clear and intuitive user interface allows artists to focus on what is important. User-configurable tool shelves allow them to organise their workspace efficiently, and a customisable real-time 3D shader lets them see what they're doing.
What does 'mari' mean?
MARI comes from the Swahili Maridadi meaning both 'beautiful' and also carrying connotations of 'usefulness'.
Recommended System Requirements
Quad-core processor
Windows 7 64-bit, or a Linux 64-bit operating system (Fedora 12 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4)
250GB disk space available for caching and temporary files (or a minimum of 50GB if you're working on a small project)
At least 4GB RAM
Display with 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution
An NVIDIA graphics card with at least 1GB of RAM and OpenGL 3.0 support (see Recommended Graphics Cards below).
Recommended Graphics Cards
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800M
NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800
NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800
NVIDIA Quadro (Fermi Series) 600
NVIDIA Quadro (Fermi Series) 5000
NVIDIA Quadro (Fermi Series) 6000