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《Eyeon专业级影视合成软件》(Eyeon Fusion)v6.14 build760 Windows x64

中文名: Eyeon专业级影视合成软件
英文名: Eyeon Fusion
资源格式: 压缩包
版本: v6.14 build760 Windows x64
发行时间: 2011年
制作发行: Eyeon Software
地区: 加拿大
语言: 英文
《Eyeon专业级影视合成软件》(Eyeon Fusion)v6.14 build760 Windows x64
Fusion 是eyeon公司旗舰产品,该产品是eyeon公司强有力的合成器,使用了新的图形引擎,能够将整体性能提升一个台阶并能更使得内存使用效率提高,可以在每一个像素上以8bit,16bit或者以浮点方式来运行。创建以时间线为基础的缓存实时播放的部分。
Fusion 包含了许多新的特点及增强的工作流程。具有真实的3D环境支持,是市场上最有效的3D粒子系统。通过3D硬件加速,你现在可以在一个程序内就可以实现从Pre-Vis到finals的转变。eyeon's Fusion 是真正的2D和3D协同终极合成器。
利用eyeon 革命性的集群技术可以通过网络扩展富有传奇色彩的计算性能。Fusion 的网络渲染一直以来与其他批处理渲染技术相比属于高端技术的应用。强劲有力的集群技术,能够将多台工作站有效的连接组成高级的网络工作环境,通过网络render farm的聚合处理能力,整个环境能够连续的按照次序渲染工作任务。
《Eyeon专业级影视合成软件》(Eyeon Fusion)v6.14 build760 Windows x64
eyeon unveils the next generation of the GPU Supercomputing framework in Fusion® 6.1. This is not just an acceleration technology; this is unprecedented productivity advancement.
Exploiting the power of low cost GPU graphics cards with hundreds of cores, coupled with an expanded feature set, makes this release much more productive. The need for network rendering becomes greatly reduced, keeping the studio's infrastructure manageable and cost effective.
3D scene importing via FBX has been greatly expanded, streamlining the process between 3D animation and rendering to directly have the same assets working in Fusion. Produce passes and layers on the fly directly on the GPU at breath-taking speed. Cutting reliance on other applications and departments simplifies the production process.
Fusion 6.1 accelerates from the starting line with astounding GPU optimizations, local file caches and particle solution caching. The creative horizon expands with new tools for managing grain, color correction and handling metadata. Scripters will rejoice at the inclusion of native python support, and everyone benefits from the many enhancements to particles.
[/url]《Eyeon专业级影视合成软件》(Eyeon Fusion)v6.14 build760 Windows x64
《Eyeon专业级影视合成软件》(Eyeon Fusion)v6.14 build760 Windows x64
OpenCL GPU Supercomputing
Fusion 6.1 now supports the OpenCL language, which allows tools to take advantage of the GPU in modern NVidia and ATI graphics cards to achieve blazing speed increases. How fast? We are seeing improvements as much as 1000% on some of the most processor intensive tools in Fusion (e.g. Defocus, Noise generators). Insert OpenCL code directly into Fuse tools to create your own GPU-accelerated tools.
OpenCL’s open computing language is a framework that utilizes the massively parallel operations of GPU's for general computing. Instead of just doing 3D OpenGL rendering on graphics cards, more general processing can be achieved at orders of magnitude faster than possible with just CPU's.
RenderMan® Support
Fusion 6.1 now support the Renderman renderer directly. This demonstrates the open plugin flexibility of the 3D rendering system. Making the production pipeline integration between rendering and compositing better by supporting this industry standard. This is released as open source in the 3D SDK for studios to modify and integrate.
Python Scripting
The MOST requested feature this year! Fusion 6.1 now supports Python 3.1 right within the interface, giving your scripting gurus the choice of using the built in eyeonscript or Python languages when creating Utility, Tool and Comp scripts. Both eyeonscript and Python will work together so existing scripts will continue to work, making the change over painless and allowing better integration for pipelines that prefer a single language.
RED Camera Mysterium X™ Support
With the continued popularity of the RED camera platform, it's no mystery why the R3D™ file format in Fusion 6.1 now includes support for the new Mysterium X sensor and color science.
Particles & Geometry
Fusion's ground-breaking particle system now allows the artist to use geometry as particle regions. Emit particles from the surface or interior of an imported FBX mesh, make a primitive 3D shape which acts as an attractor, or bounce particles from any geometry, dramatically improving the particle interaction with 3D scenes.
Particle Caching
Now Fusion 6.1 particle solutions can be cached to disk! No more waiting for particles to recalculate once the particle system has been solved.
Film Grain Tool
The new Film Grain tool is specifically optimized to make adding film style exponential grain to images easier and more accurate.
Hue Curves Tool
The new Hue Curves tool gives the artist powerful animatable splines for notching or emphasizing a very specific range of colors in the image. In addition to providing adjustable curves for Hue, Luminance, Saturation, Red, Green and Blue, powerful options for color supression are also built in, making the Hue Curves tool ideal for those persistent green edges.
Local File Caching
Loader tools can optionally create a local cache of remote frames as they are loaded, which not only reduces the load on the network, but greatly improves interactive performance over slow networks. The original source frames are monitored for changes too, so the cache never gets out of date.
Metadata Tools
New Metadata tools make it simple to respect the metadata in a project pipeline, by providing tools for copying or inserting custom metadata to any image, and for merging metadata from multiple images.
The Little Things
The big features are awesome, but it's often the little changes that have the biggest impact. Fusion 6.1 is packed full of enhancments to make artists workflow more streamlined. Here are some of the interface and feature tweaks that you can expect in Fusion 6.1
* Change tabs while using the simple expressions pick whip.
* Quickly reset a tool control to it's default value.
* Hold CTRL while adjusting a slider to reduce it's sensitivity by 1/10.
* Markers for sliders and screw controls that show the default value when the current value is non-default, and can also act as a button to reset to default.
* The Custom tool now has LUT inputs.
* Coordinate transform modifier, like Locator but outputs 3D object positions, taking intervening transforms into account. Use e.g. as simple offset, or to target an object elsewhere in the scene hierarchy.
* FBX importing has many enhancements, including multi material support.
Behold the power of the GPU
The new generation 3D system takes advantage of GPU and Shader pipelines to render final production quality HDRI images with full deep pixel output. The extensive toolset opens up the abilities for complex shaders and procedural materials.
Speed. The new GPU renderer is raw power, computationally expensive operations like depth of field and motion blurring are a breeze on modern graphic cards. Hours of render are now delivered in fractions of seconds.
Importing and exporting of scenes and animation make interoperability with 3D Animation pipelines slick and streamlined. For the first time, Fusion compositing artists can really feed the 3D departments easily via the export of scenes and animation. This by-directional workflow makes the CGI production process smoother and more productive.
More 3D finishing tools in Fusion 6 allow compositing artists to control more of the assets to finish a shot, giving great flexibility for control in the highly interactive interface.
Production Quality GPU Renderer
Resolution independent and floating point rendering. Super-sampling with reconstruction filters. New plugable CG Shaders. Deep Pixel rendering of Z depth, Normals, Texture Co-ordinates, Material ID, Object ID, Material ID, etc.