本合辑是由DAZ3D机构出品的DAZ3D超大型精美游戏场景3D模型合辑,大小:2.1 GB,包含11组超精细年轻女孩3D模型文件,供广大设计师学习使用。需要使用软件:DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio是DAZ3d公司出品的一款3D造型应用软件,使用DAZ Studio,用户能轻易地创造美好的数字艺术. 用户可以使用这个软件在人,动物,车辆,建筑物,道具,配件和创造数字场景。 DAZ3D公司是他为Poser开发的大量可编辑三维人物造型库开始的。在经过几年的造型库开发的技术积累。DAZ3D推出了自己的三维人物动画软件DAZ Studio。
DAZ Studio拥有一个可以编辑的骨骼系统,大多数功能通过参数盘很容易操作。DAZ Studio的材质编辑允许用户改变属性,编辑的材质属性有表面颜色,表面贴图,凹凸贴图,透明贴图,位移贴图等。不但支持本身的DZ格式并且支持OBJ和PZ3格式的输出。DAZ Studio的渲染采用DNASOFT公司技术,并且支持业界著名的Renderman渲染器,渲染的质量速度都不错。
DAZ Studio是一个独特的艺术和动画设计工具,可选用虚拟人物,动物,道具,车辆,配件,环境等等元素。只要选择你需要的主题及设置,配置元素,设置光线效果,就可以创造出美丽艺术品。继承了前版的优势,DAZ Studio 4使用了一个新UI,并且更加易于使用。在应用程序中包括视频教程用于帮助用户使用,还有许多提高创作的技术创新。


Terradome 3 for Daz Studio Iray is a morphing landscape generator designed to create renders of vast and beautiful outdoor spaces without having to learn yet another software. Now you can create the kind of natural scene you always wanted right inside Daz Studio. With morphing terrains that span across separate and moving zones, light that tracks through the sky naturally, “true Volume” cylindrical water, and natural atmospheric volume, the world is literally at your fingertips. Worried about how to set up? Terradome 3 comes with 10 preset scenes for instant rendering. TerraDome 3 is easily morphable, with beautiful and accurate lighting. Want to create your own world? The easy-to-use dials allow for you to change your morphing terrain instantly. If you love the vast expanse of nature achieved by great nature photographers, this is the landscape generator for you. Now you can create the kind of render that was once only possible in other, more expensive kinds of software.
TerraDome 3 is a unique way to incorporate landscape rendering into your Iray projects. This edition has literally been built from the ground up to take full advantage of the Daz Studio Iray Render Engine. What sets the TerraDome 3 apart from static landscape elements? It is a dynamic morphing terrain with reactive terrain shaders, realistic water, and realistic atmosphere. This is the largest and most detailed TerraDome edition to date. Once Poser’s most popular product, it is now available ONLY for Daz Studio. Imagine all this, and then…..imagine rendering it with Iray.
Lets look at the “pieces” or Props that make up the TerraDome 3 System:
The A Zone: Think of this as the “Center Stage”. It is a huge circular mesh that has a number of morph targets to shape it into various styles of terrain. Combined with “Terrain Reactive” shaders it becomes a detailed piece of terrain that you shape to your needs.
The B Zone: This is the “Backdrop” piece – for chunks of terrain that are in the background. distant mountains, steppes, canyons and more can be made with this piece of terrain.
Water: The water in TerraDome 3 is a true volume, so the water is not just a flat plane, but a full 3D cylinder that contains the water in the scene. We have included two sets of custom shaders to provide balance between realism and render times.
Atmosphere: This is a true atmospheric volume that is comprised of a morphing form allowing for a whole range of mists, fog, haze, sand & dust storms.


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