HDR Light Studio高动态范围3D渲染软件V5.3.5版 LIGHTMAP HDRLIGHTSTUDIO 5.3.5 WIN

本软件是由Lightmap机构出品的HDR Light Studio高动态范围3D渲染软件V5.3.5版,大小:65 MB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

HDR Light Studio是一款专业级高动态范围3D渲染软件,能够帮助3D艺术家快速设计、创建、调整HDRI高动态范围照明/反射图,包括摄影工作室光照效果。
HDR Light Studio为3D计算机图形艺术家而生,帮助建立专业摄影样式的产品渲染效果,产品包装,以及媒介。根据用户的三维数据,产生高品质的专业级HDRI高动态范围图片,能够和传统的摄影完美匹配,适用于进行广告和市场推广使用。
HDR Light Studio作为HDRI制作软件,为CG场景创建HDR照明与反射贴图,提供了各种摄影灯具元素,可以轻松制作出优秀的产品布光环境,加快渲染速度!

使用HDR Light Studo带给你最大的好处是灯光的操作及放置更为方便,测试也更为快速,而在大型区域的的灯光投射上也更加平滑且快速,你可以自己创造一个灯光的系统来配合你方案上的需求。更值得一提的,是他可以创造一个根据实际灯光投影的影像,让他的光影反射可以更真实的呈现。


Today, Lightmap announced the immediate availability of HDR Light Studio version 5.3. This new release adds ‘Area Lights’ to its feature set, allowing users to interactively create and control both a HDRI Map and a set of Area Lights, with the same ‘artist friendly’ ease of use that has made HDR Light Studio a favourite lighting tool with professional 3D artists world-wide.
The Autodesk Maya Connection is the first to take advantage of the new Area Lights feature, supporting all leading renderers: Mental Ray, V-Ray, Maxwell, Arnold, Octane, Redshift, RenderMan and iRay for Maya.
“We are very excited about the HDR Light Studio 5.3 release. The ability to control both the environment map and Area Lights using one unified lighting workflow is a totally unique approach and a significant evolution of our software. In fact, it’s the biggest update we have ever made” says Mark Segasby, Lightmap CEO. “Our customers love how fast they can block out and adjust lighting, using HDR Light Studio’s interactive HDRI map, and also how fast this renders. By adding the ability to promote a light from the HDRI map into 3D, users can utilise all of HDR Light Studio’s controls and content to light specific details in their shots.”


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