本软件是由Facerig机构出品的Unfold3D智能化UV软件V9.0.3.2611版,大小:28 MB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

unfold3d 是一款能在数秒内自动分配好UV的智能化软件。不依赖传统的几种几何体包裹方式,通过计算自动分配理想的UV。

UNFOLD3D是一个自动,快速,精准的UV映射处理工具, 它可以让你轻松解开网布的工具, 只需要对网布进行拖拽, 就可以立即实现UV映射(注:UV不是ULTRAVIOLET,而是U和V).


Main new features:
New brush tool for Optimize and Unfold.
Unfold does not create overlaps anymore when flattening islands.
New selection dialog to select polygons from OBJ file groups, materials and smoothing groups. The frontiers of these groups can also be used to create an edge selection set.
Possibility to add roomspace on the tight zones of the island frontiers to remove texture bleed.
Full featured transformation panel (Rotate Scale Translate with mathematic evaluation). Different center and axis modes.
New “Proportionnal Transform” tool (with distance mesh based).
New Drag, Pinch, Spread brush tools.
New user interface.
Soft pinning (brush editable).
LUA script for a full control of Unfold3D.
Free form area selection (raytraced).
New “Cut Mutual” tool.
UDIM support with multiple UV Tiles.
5 new mouse presets: Cinema 4D, Blender, ZBrush, Modo, Rhino.
New Grid with island bounding box and point snapping.
New tools to hide, isolate, show islands.
Automatic edge straightening tool for grid like islands.
Other new features and enhancements:
Improved Real Time Optimize algorithm.
Improved OBJ file mesh importation.
Improved speed and robustness for unfold and optimize.
You can now “cut” a selection of polygons.
You can now “weld” polygons and islands.
The tile id display has 3 differents modes: “UDIM”, “_u_v” (zero based), “_U_V” (one based).
The UV tile can have arbitrary ratio, dimensions and location.
The U and V texture multipliers can be 1:1, Linked, Free, and use the same ratio as the custom texture W&H ratio.
There is now 4 differents modes for the color of islands in the viewports: Uniform color for island, Strecth, Density map, Off (uniform grey).
The edge loop selection can have a limit in the number of edge and can stop when two consecutive edges form an angle superior to a given limit. The “Geometric mode” allows to work on triangulated mesh.
New textured grid picture for better distortion visualization.
Monitored file to remote control Unfold3D by a third app.
New Help window that shows the mouse bindings and tips.
The exporter now export Tiff files (and also BigTiff).
New “Select Parallel” edges tool.
The UV viewport now has rulers.
The viewport have a new gizmo for switching to the top, bottom, back, front, left and right point of views.
Viewport zoom is now mouse centered.
All numeric input can evaluate mathematic expression (you can writte things like “0.25*2+1.0”).
Topocopy will now work in automatic mode if you select all the islands.
New icon to switch directly from 3D to UV view and vice et versa.
The edge selection Shortest Path tool is faster.


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