《C4D R13快速入门手册快速入门手册》Cinema 4D R13 CookBook

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中文名称: C4D R13快速入门手册
外文名称: Cinema 4D R13 CookBook
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《C4D R13快速入门手册快速入门手册》Cinema 4D R13 CookBook

Cinema 4D R13 CookBook
This book contains short recipes designed to effectively teach tools in the minimum amount of time. Each recipe hits on a topic that can be combined or incorporated with other recipes to give you the building blocks you need to start making great designs with Cinema 4D. Rather than demonstrating how to make a few specific and extensive projects, the recipes create a solid base of knowledge to help the reader understand the tools available to foster their own creativity. This book is for anyone who wants to quickly get up to speed with Cinema 4D to create 3D projects that run laps around simple 2D designs.