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业内领先的视觉特效软件开发团队The Foundry日前发布MARI 1.5v1。Mari最初是Weta工作室在创作《阿凡达》的过程中研发的,现在发展为满足苛刻的视觉特效纹理和哑光绘制设计师需求的3D绘图工具行业标准,已经为Industrial Light & Magic、 Pixar、 Digital Domain以及 DreamWorks Animation等众多工作室广泛采用。


在Mari版本不但增加了支持Photoshop PSD分层文件的导入导出功能,而其实它的创新之处还在于增加了对索尼影像的支持,开发了颜色管理标准软件OpenColorIO和triplanar纹理项目。通过引入Adobe Photoshop 分层 PSD导入导出功能,行业标准的颜色管理工具OpenColorIO以及triplanar projection,MARI 1.4简化了工作流程,提高了速度。使用MARI 1.4设计师们可以更细致地作图,多层纹理直接导出3D模型,解决了很多老生常谈的视觉特效方面的问题,节省了时间。

该软件最初是为了处理最炫目的视觉特效电影而开发的,后来The Foundry不断对其进行改进。MARI可以方便地嵌套进你现有的管道中,它通常可以适应很多未预见到的产品要求。

The Foundry Mari 1.5v1 | 139.7 mb

The Foundry announced they have released MARI 1.5, with new overlapping UV support, Maya texture export, and mirroring in the paint buffer.

London, 6th August 2012 – Leading visual effects software developer, The Foundry, has released MARI 1.5, packed with new features that reach beyond the film industry and will appeal to the games market.

MARI is a production proven 3D digital paint tool, designed from the ground up so artists can spend more time being creative and less time managing technical issues.

LucasArts has already been using MARI 1.5 in production as one of its texturing tools on the highly anticipated award-winning Star Wars 1313TM video game. MARI was adopted by the legendary games developer specifically to deal with the vast numbers of textures within the game environment.


This release of MARI adds even more creative functionality into the mix. These features make it even easier for games developers to utilise MARIs capabilities as well as enhancing the experience of artists working in all sectors of high-end visual effects.

As well as the addition of games shaders, improved Overlapping UV Support gives artists the freedom of a smooth and robust workflow allowing shared textures to be re-used across 3D models within the same UV space.

Helping to improve interoperability with Autodesk Maya, artists can now seamlessly handle patch based textures with a single click using the new Maya Texture Export feature.

Shadow Support lets artists cast real-time shadows on objects from multiple light sources. This brand new functionality allows users to effortlessly see the impact of dramatic lighting on their textures.

DDS Cubemap Support means artists can accurately match the final look of real time assets, and new Mirroring Support in MARI’s paint buffer has been added so MARI users can get results fast and take control of symmetrical objects at any stage of the creative process.

Release Notes for MARI 1.5v1: Mari_1.5v1_ReleaseNotes.pdf

About The Foundry

Established in 1996, The Foundry produce a range of award-winning software solutions that facilitate ambitious visual effects across commercials, animation, episodic television and film.

The fastest-growing company in its field today, The Foundry is internationally renowned for its product design and its collaborative and open approach.

Led by CEO Bill Collis and a management team that still includes the original founders, The Foundry is backed by The Carlyle Group with a substantial portion still owned by the staff. This rapidly growing UK company has more than 140 employees distributed between its London headquarters and Los Angeles offices.

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