AE教程 AETuts 特效合成 CG拍摄场景 动画合成

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AE教程 AETuts 特效合成 CG拍摄场景 动画合成


本AE教程是由AETuts机构出品的AE制作CG拍摄场景与动画合成教程,时长:42分,大小:1.53 GB,FLV高清视频格式,附工程源文件,作者:Dave Scotland,官方发布日期:2010年12月14日,语言:英语。人人CG整理发布。

After Effects是Adobe公司推出的一款图形视频处理软件,适用于从事设计和视频特技的机构,包括电视台、动画制作公司、个人后期制作工作室以及多媒体工作室。而在新兴的用户群,如网页设计师和图形设计师中,也开始有越来越多的人在使用After Effects。属于层类型后期软件。

AETuts Premium Compositing a CG Building Leap
In this tutorial we will be stepping through the process of compositing this CG shot over a live footage background plate. We’ll show you how to import the 3D multi-pass renders and how to correctly layer them in the comp. We’ll also go through the process of color correcting the elements to better marry them into the background plate. Then we’ll step through the process of creating a glass particle system using Particular. We will also add motion blur to various elements using the ReelSmart motion blur plug-in. Once you have completed this tutorial, you will have a much greater understanding of the types of challenges faced throughout a production compositing process, and how to tackle such challenges to get high quality output.