《Photoshop科幻场景概念绘画教程》video2brain Matte Painting with Photoshop GERMAN

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《Photoshop科幻场景概念绘画教程》video2brain Matte Painting with Photoshop GERMAN


本Photoshop教程是由video2brain机构出品的Photoshop科幻场景概念绘画教程,时长:2小时,大小:1 GB,教程使用软件:Photoshop,作者:Christian Gerth,官方发布日期:2012年10月2日,语言:德语。人人CG整理发布。



video2brain Matte Painting with Photoshop GERMAN
Just fantasy or science fiction movies often play against the spectacular backdrop. What was formerly painted artistically by hand on glass slides and projected in the film, is now made ??exclusively with the computer. In this renrencg.cn video tutorial, you learn how to make from scratch or a Concept Painting with the help of photos and various brush tips a cinematic matte painting. The original file is included, so you can follow all the steps 1-1!